When do we restock?

2022-09-15T09:09:14+02:0015 de September de 2022|

We receive stock daily from different parts of the world and by different means: Dutch auctions, direct from the producer, etc.

How is the merchandise checked?

2022-09-15T09:08:42+02:0015 de September de 2022|

All the stock we sell goes through three levels of control: at the source (producer), on receipt of the goods at our facilities and before they are packed. Once the [...]

How is VAT applied?

2022-09-22T16:43:49+02:0015 de September de 2022|

Each product has a different VAT rate as stipulated by the Ministry of Finance. For example: cut flowers pay reduced VAT (10%) and accessories pay general VAT (21%).

What products can I find in Verdnatura?

2022-06-28T09:57:31+02:0028 de June de 2022|

Our range of products is very wide and is divided into 8 large product families: natural, dried and preserved cut Flowers, natural, dried and preserved Greens, Plants, artificial Products, Accessories. [...]

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