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What products can I find in Verdnatura?2022-06-28T09:57:31+02:00

Our range of products is very wide and is divided into 8 large product families: natural, dried and preserved cut Flowers, natural, dried and preserved Greens, Plants, artificial Products, Accessories. We also offer a manufacture service.

How is VAT applied?2022-09-22T16:43:49+02:00

Each product has a different VAT rate as stipulated by the Ministry of Finance. For example: cut flowers pay reduced VAT (10%) and accessories pay general VAT (21%).

How is the merchandise checked?2022-09-15T09:08:42+02:00

All the stock we sell goes through three levels of control: at the source (producer), on receipt of the goods at our facilities and before they are packed.

Once the goods are shipped, it will depend on the conditions of the agency with which they are sent and the time of year, which suffers more or less during the journey. That is why we always recommend, as far as possible, to use our own specialised cold delivery service. More information.

When do we restock?2022-09-15T09:09:14+02:00

We receive stock daily from different parts of the world and by different means: Dutch auctions, direct from the producer, etc.

Do I need to place a minimum order?2022-09-15T09:21:07+02:00

No, but we advise you to order more than 50 € to avoid incurring extra preparation costs.

Why sometimes the products I have ordered or reserved do not arrive?2022-09-19T18:18:44+02:00

We work with a very fragile product that can suffer for many reasons in the process of transport, storage, …

Fortunately, we have a very professional team that is fully dedicated to providing the best service and minimising any problems that may arise during the process.

How far in advance do I have to place my orders?2022-09-15T09:22:47+02:00

Usually, up to the day before you receive your order. However, we always recommend that you do not rush your order in order to avoid problems with availability and preparation.

Which are the payment methods?2022-09-15T09:23:18+02:00

Orders can be paid by credit card on the website or by arranging a monthly bank transfer.

Can I place my orders by phone?2022-09-15T09:25:07+02:00

In order to speed up the process, it is recommended that orders are placed via the web or the app. If you have any doubts, you can contact our sales department.

Can I modify my purchase once it has been confirmed?2022-09-15T09:26:47+02:00

Yes, you can do this through your sales representative until the order is being prepared.

Can I place the order today and choose the day of delivery?2022-09-15T09:27:23+02:00

Yes, you can choose the day you want to receive it or pick it up when you configure the order.

In which areas do you deliver? On which days?2022-09-15T09:15:08+02:00

We deliver from Monday to Saturday in almost all of Spain, France and Portugal. Using our own specialized delivery service or through courier agencies.

Are the shipping costs additional?2022-09-15T09:15:39+02:00

Shipping costs are included in the price. They vary according to the delivery zone, the warehouse where the goods are shipped, the method of shipment and the volume of the order.

Can I place my order so that it arrives at a specific time?2022-09-15T09:16:21+02:00

No. But we will always do our best to adjust to the specific needs of each customer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Up to what time can I order for next day delivery?2022-09-15T09:17:23+02:00

It depends on the day of the week and the area where the order is to be delivered. Although we recommend that you plan your shopping so that you don’t have to adjust at the last minute.

The delivery person came, but I was not there. What happens to the order?2022-09-15T09:18:39+02:00

In case you are absent when the order is to be delivered, an attempt will be made to reach you by telephone. If you cannot be reached, contact your sales representative so that they can offer you an alternative collection point.

How do I have to proceed if the goods do not arrive in good condition?2022-09-19T09:14:33+02:00

In case the products are not received in good condition, it is necessary to contact your sales representative as soon as possible.

I have received my order, but an article is missing or I have received another article that I had not ordered. What can I do?2022-09-19T09:13:03+02:00

In the event that you are missing an item or have received another item by mistake, you should contact your sales representative as soon as possible.

How many days do I have to complain about what I have received wrongly from the day I receive it?2022-09-19T09:05:54+02:00

The deadline to file a complaint is 24 hours after receiving the order.

How can I register as a customer?2022-11-10T07:38:21+01:00

If you are a professional, self-employed or registered as a company and you work in the flower or decoration sector, you can register as a customer. We explain you how to do it here.

Do you have special prices for wholesalers?2022-09-15T09:41:24+02:00

Our website always shows three prices: price per package, price per box/bucket and price of all remaining stock. Depending on the volume of purchase, the price is reduced.

Can I make a one-off purchase as a freelancer even if I do not work in the flower sector?2022-09-20T06:39:56+02:00

Although we sell to professionals (freelancers or companies), we seek a regular business relationship with our customer.

Therefore, if it is a one-off purchase for something specific, we recommend that you deal with a florist or decoration company who, in addition to having access to our products, will be able to provide you with personalised advice.

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