What is the Ethical Channel?

The Ethical Channel is a confidential communication system of VERDNATURA LEVANTE SL so that employees, customers, suppliers and third parties can:

Exercise their rights regarding data protection and know the use we make of their personal data.

Communicate any fact that allegedly violates the provisions of the Code of Ethics of the entity, the internal regulations governing the same or the law in force.

Ask any questions about our Code of Ethics.

The Ethical Channel represents an opportunity for improvement for this entity, committed to the practice of ethical behavior at all levels of the organization. Therefore, we encourage you to inform us through this channel if you have detected any irregularity.

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By filling out this form you can make inquiries about our Code of Ethics or report any event that allegedly violates the precepts set forth therein, our internal regulations or the law.

The form is as anonymous as you wish, so it is not necessary to fill in your personal data, although it is advisable to indicate email or telephone so that we can contact you in case we need any clarification about the reported event.

(*) In case you fill in this information, we will only use it to contact you if any clarification is needed about the reported event.