The Land of Flowers

General view of the Plaza de la Virgen in Valencia

That is Valencia. The Land of Flowers .

That is why it is absolutely natural that a group of florists from the land led by Juan Lluesma have founded the Gremi Artesà de Floristeries de la Comunitat Valenciana and, as it is also consubstantial in themselves, they want to fill the city with flowers that honors the title of this article.

Taking advantage of one of our most emblematic festivals, the Corpus Christi Procession , 100 florists from various countries around the world gathered to decorate key points of the city framed in the route itself.

Equipo Eslovenia

Slovenia team. From left to right: Sabina Segula (Radovijica), Mayca (La Vall d'Uixó), Toñi (Quartell) and Martín (Manises)

Thus, we were able to meet in the different locations with the teams of Holland (Eric Pannebourg), Latvia (Aija Zagarina), Belgium (Marc van Parrys), Slovenia (Sabina Segula), Ukraine (Daria), Italy (Pine), Japan (Rika Oshono and Yutaca Hirano) and the two Spanish teams captained by José Manuel López Cardeñoso (President of the Association of Florists of Cantabria) and Javier Cutanda .

Everything has happened in the midst of a festive atmosphere, of camaraderie, of passion for the profession, yes, under a blazing sun and unsuitable temperatures even for the month of June in Valencia.

In addition to the international florists, the work of the "gent de la terreta" (land people) stood out in the teams, represented by the members of the Gremi Artesá de Floristeries de la Comunitat Valenciana, who in their short career are doing a lot to spread floral art and culture. In our country.

Much support is needed from public bodies so that initiatives like these do not die as soon as they are born and can become true traditions in which the general public can enjoy flowers.

On this occasion we must thank both the Provincial Council and the Government of the Generalitat and the Mayor's Office of Valencia for their support of this first edition of the Contest.

For our part, as a representative company of the flower sector at a national level, we want to make an appeal to the public bodies so that they not only give their support for the gallery but also facilitate the tasks during the external assemblies through the pertinent permissions of so that the situations that florists have had to face in order to finish the work do not have to happen again. That they make a real bet so that this type of event acquires more and more importance.

During these days in Valencia, in addition to the works of the "I Contest of Floral Art of the Ciutat de València", we have been able to enjoy the spectacular monument in honor of Corpus Christi whose decoration has been carried out by two great Valencian florists, Lina Roig and Julio Simarro .

The companies in the sector must support any initiative aimed at growing the flower culture and in this sense we want to highlight the collaboration of Chrysal , Flores El Calé , Mercaflor and Accesorios Costablanca who, like us, have contributed their grain of sand. Together we can do much more.

Let the flowers live!

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